inCapture is based in Perth, Western Australia and is made up of a team of highly experienced geoscientists and engineers.  inCapture explores for and develops carbon sequestration sites around Australia and the World to help the World achieve its net-zero goals

CCS is Critical to Achieve Net-Zero

What is CCS and Why Is It Important?

CCS stands for Carbon Capture and Storage and refers to the method of collecting and safely storing carbon dioxide emissions. CCS is a critical part of the solution in mitigating the effects of anthropogenic climate change on the World’s journey to net-zero.

CCS involves the collection of Carbon dioxide from emissions sources such as heavy industries like aluminium and steel manufacturing, fertilizer and cement production, from mineral and mining operations, and from the production of energy, including hydrogen.

Once collected, the carbon dioxide is processed for safe transport to the storage site. The processed carbon dioxide is then injected into underground storage sites both on land and offshore, within deep geological formations that have specific properties that allow the carbon dioxide’s safe and effective storage. These geological formations include porous rock such as sandstones that store the injected carbon dioxide and a sealing unit such as shales and mudstone that trap the carbon dioxide.

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CCS allows for an economical shift towards environmentally friendly energy solutions and provides options for the hard to abate sectors which cannot operate without carbon dioxide emissions such as in cement and steel manufacturing.


Current Projects

Exploration is underway for key carbon sequestration sites around Australia. One of our initial focus areas is in Commonwealth Waters offshore of the Burrup Peninsula in Western Australian where InCapture hold a petroleum exploration permit. The area hosts several world class potential storage sites within faulted anticlinal structures with excellent quality reservoir and potential sealing capacity.

The Burrup Peninsula, Offshore Western Australia

The Burrup Peninsula is home to several large industrial emitters and mining and processing operations. The area has great potential to become a regional industrial hub, attracting major international mining and production facilities and operators within the hard-to-abate emissions sectors. InCapture’s potential carbon storage sites offers these industries a solution for their carbon dioxide emissions within close proximity.

Australia is also in an enviable position to safely and securely store carbon dioxide emissions from neighbouring countries in the South East Asian area through cross-border transport of carbon dioxide, which is proving to be an effective and viable option in the UK and Europe.

Carbon dioxide would be captured from the emissions sources and transported to a processing facility within a nearby port via road or rail. Once the carbon dioxide is processed for storage, it would be transported to the offshore injection site either by a dedicated carbon dioxide pipeline or via a carbon transport ship.
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